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Updated at: 3 May 2024
It has been a busy start to the new year for the Sasma team. In this newsletter, we're excited to update you on our recent charitable initiatives, showcase highlights from our participation at ProWein 2024, unveil our upcoming trade fair schedule, and spotlight our top products. Keep reading to discover more. Your feedback is always valued and appreciated.


Charitable Initiatives
Transportation in Ukraine

We have partnered with one of our customers by buying a bus that will help transport goods within the Ukraine. This will help with getting essential goods such as supplies, food, etc. to places quicker. We continue to support of friends in this part of the world.


Plant One, Give a Lot

Last year we partnered with WoodYouCare to launch a tree-planting initiative. With every order placed we aim to promote climate neutrality and increase biodiversity, allowing our customers to effortlessly contribute to a climate positive result and help reduce Sasma’s carbon footprint. This year we are doubling our efforts. 


Sasma at ProWein Dusseldorf

Earlier this month, we had a fantastic time at the ProWein trade fair in Dusseldorf. Over the course of several days, we engaged in productive meetings with numerous clients and had the pleasure of reconnecting with familiar faces while also welcoming new ones. Our focus was on showcasing our top-selling and most sought-after products, including Neutral Alcohols, Whisky, Bourbon, Agave Spirits, and Rum.



Our next stop will be exhibiting at ProWein Singapore April 23-26. Keep reading for our 2024 Trade Fair calendar. 


2024 Trade Fair Calendar
We are pleased to share that our team will be visiting several trade fairs and conferences this year. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months. As always, please reach out to our sales team to make an appointment to meet with us.

Our team will be attending and exhibiting** at the following international trade fairs:


Spotlight: Our Top Products

The Bourbon Market is Easing 

We are now in a position to deliver bourbon with reduced prices and available inventory.

With an increase in bourbon availability, spanning from fresh fill to six years old, we find ourselves in a favorable position to deliver bourbon at reduced prices compared to previous years.

In addition to availability, ex-bourbon barrels present an opportunity for investment and collaboration. As demand for these barrels surges in industries such as rum and whisky production, prices have reached unprecedented levels. However, by purchasing bourbon in the barrel, you not only secure high-quality spirits but also gain access to a valuable asset with significant resale potential. Ultimately reducing the price of the spirit.


Opportunities with Sasma’s Rum Assortment
We are pleased to share that we have a new rum assortment. 

We provide rum aged between 1 to 3 years, matured in oak barrels. Our selection includes both organic and conventional varieties. Choose from packaging options ranging between 1,000-liter IBC tanks to 25,000-liter ISO tanks. Our rum certificates include Bon Sucro and Non GMO. Inquire with our sales team to learn more


Agave Spirits
New inventory available. 

We carry premium 100% Agave spirit and 100% Agave distillate smoked (also known as Mezcal). We offer authentic Agave without the hassle of dealing with the D.O. process. Sourced from Jalisco, Mexico our products are crafted from a variety of agave, ensuring the highest quality. Our packaging options include shipping IBC's from our warehouse or ISO tanks direct from the distillery. For more information about our agave spirits, feel free to reach out to us


Contact our Sales Team to learn more about our best selling products. 

Congratulations to Our Sister Company:
Ultra Pure

Ultra Pure has opened a state-of-the-art Distilled Spirits Plant (DSP) in Louisville, Kentucky, and introduced a bulk spirits tank lease service. The facility is a sprawling 5 acre and 30,000-square-foot warehouse complex. It boasts a total capacity of 1 million gallons, offers producers premium storage facilities with rail access, advanced monitoring equipment, and logistics support.

ultra pure.jpg

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