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Updated at: 3 April 2024

Sustainability has become a fundamental necessity for businesses worldwide. Companies are increasingly urged to take responsibility for their impact on the environment and society. As part of our commitment to going green, Sasma has joined forces with WoodYouCare to do sustainable business and reduce our ecological footprint.  

Sasma's Corporate Social Responsibility

Business and sustainability go hand in hand. Sasma BV is committed to operating in environmentally conscious ways that minimize our impact on the planet. We focus on key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that resonate with our values; "Life on Land" represents our partnership with WoodYouCare, where a portion of our sales will go to planting trees, benefitting ecosystems, and creating jobs for the local community.

WoodYouCare, an organization based in the Netherlands, is committed to sustainability and promoting a greener, healthier, and climate-neutral world. "Plant ONE, give a LOT" is not just a slogan but also the core of their mission. At WoodYouCare, it is all about collaboration and growth; they work with partners worldwide to plant new forests and restore cleared land. 

sasma woodyoucare partnership graphic

Our company joined forces with WoodYouCare in 2023. "We want to do our part in reducing Sasma's CO2 footprint, so we have started this endeavor," said Hans van der Kloot, President of Sasma. "WoodYouCare is an exciting partner helping us achieve our goals." Sasma has implemented a tree-planting initiative with every order, which in turn will also increase biodiversity and promote climate neutrality. We would like to open up this opportunity to our clients this year. Anyone who places an order will contribute to a climate-positive outcome.

Promoting sustainability is a collective effort, and working together can significantly influence our world. Every tree planted contributes to the recovery of our forests and helps combat the effects of climate change. Our collaboration with WoodYouCare is an excellent example of how companies can contribute to sustainability. It's a reminder that success in business is not just about making a profit but also about creating a greener mark on the world around us. If you want to learn more about our partnerships or initiatives, email or visit our Corporate Social Responsibility Page.


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