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Updated at: 18 January 2024

Across the alcohol industry, innovation and quality craftsmanship are vital to success. To achieve exceptional results, many alcohol brands adopt a strategic approach that involves collaborating with third-party producers and spirits suppliers. This article highlights the benefits of cultivating partnerships, from industry standards to creating new consumer spirits.

What are Third-Party Producers?

At Sasma BV, we describe a third‐party producer as a company that takes all the production worries away from brands. While some may argue it’s taboo to work with third-party producers, they offer an extensive range of benefits to the industry. We form an essential bridge, ensuring brands’ needs are met in a competitive market, allowing them to concentrate on sales and marketing to increase awareness. Leveraging services can also aid in staying ahead of alcohol trends from a higher vantage point.

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From Barrel to Bottle: The Process of Collaboration

The partnership between alcohol brands and third-party producers is a carefully planned and executed process. A significant aspect of our business involves crafting alcohol on behalf of others. It grants the opportunity to experiment with flavor profiles and create branded spirits that pique the interest of consumers. 

Setting Sasma apart is our trading opportunity–we work with over 50 global distilleries to buy and sell alcohol. By tapping into the resources of a third-party producer, brands can shift away from the intricate process of distillation, aging, and blending. Sasma works with several popular and high profile alcohol brands across the industry to source and create what brand owners and developers are looking for. 

In addition to supplying various aged and rare bulk spirits, we offer blended alcohol services, giving you flexibility and control over your product. Combine different alcohol varieties, from blended grain spirits to new RTD profiles that align with your brand’s vision, without compromising taste or desired ABV.

Quality, Control, Compliance

The spirits industry is heavily regulated, with various laws and regulations governing production, distribution, and labeling. As a third-party spirits producer can lend valuable expertise to guide you through the complex regulatory landscape, making the process more manageable and secure. We ensure each batch meets the criteria and the expectations of your buyers. 

Sasma works with global organic certification agencies such as the EU, USDA, and The Non-GMO Project to ensure proper handling per regulated standards. Leveraging our extensive network can help brands scale up, as we offer large, bulk quantities (1000 liters IBC containers and ISO tanks of 25.000 liters).

We Serve Bulk Premium Alcohol & Spirits

As one of the world’s largest independently owned suppliers of bulk premium alcohol, bulk organic alcohol, and bulk spirits, we are committed to delivering the best. To learn more about our products and services, get in touch with us.

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