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Updated at: 26 January 2024


In this edition of our newsletter, we shine a spotlight on the thriving global whisky market. As Sasma remains dedicated to this dynamic industry, we bring you insights into its growth, challenges, and exciting opportunities.

Join us as we update you on whisky trends, global freight and logistics, and exciting company updates.  


The Sasma Team

Spotlight On The Global Whisky Market

At Sasma, we continue to focus our efforts within the whisky market. It is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, driven by increasing demand in emerging markets and a growing appreciation for premium whiskies.

As the market continues to grow, supply is tight and prices are firm. The whisky industry faces hurdles in the form of increasing freight costs and inflation. However, within these challenges lie opportunities for companies to innovate and enhance their efficiency and productivity.

There are many factors attributing to the growth within this segment.  Here we look at Bourbon and Scotch specifically.

  • According to the Bonafide Research recent report “Global Whiskey Market Outlook, 2028”, the market is expected to grow +6.34% within the next 5 to 6 years, from USD 88.85 billion in 2022 to USD 127 billion.


Delve deeper into the world of whisky and check out our products here.


An FTA (Free Trade Agreement) between the United Kingdom and India has the potential to stimulate the market and increase the demand for imports, thereby reducing tariffs on Scotch imports. We anticipate an even tighter supply once this goes through. 

Bourbon and the bourbon room

Bourbon continues to be increasingly popular with new distilleries and innovation, in addition to the tried and true traditional bourbons.

Our Trading team at Sasma focuses on research and development within this market to be able to have a wide assortment of products for our customers. We offer a wide range from around the world, from ultra premium to new make. We now also offer bourbon that our customers can buy at two years old and age at their own wish – a customized approach to buying from us.

Eager to know more about the bourbon boom?  Dive in here.


Global Freight & Logistics



In the last several months we have seen freight pricing come down and stabilize. However, we might see an increase due to the ever increasing crude oil prices. Diesel prices have increased, affecting our truck transports.

Drewry WCI

The latest Drewry WCI composite index per 40-foot container is now 85% below the peak reached in September 2021. It is 42% lower than the 10-year average, indicating a return to more normal prices, but remains 10% higher than average 2019 (pre-pandemic) rates.


Company Updates

  • Sasma’s Corporate Social Responsibility: This year we started several initiatives, and we are proud to share that these are aligned with several of the UN’s Sustainable development goals. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability. Visit our new page here.
  • Global Warehouse Update: We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for our sister company, Ultra Pure. The Ultra Pure Louisville, Kentucky warehouse and tank terminal is expected to open its doors and be fully operational in early December of this year, expanding our capabilities to serve our customers better. Catch the latest in our sister company’s achievements. Explore here.
Sasma company updates


Upcoming Trade Fairs

Mark your calendar! Join us at these upcoming trade fairs 

  • BCB Berlin in Germany – October 9-11
  • Salon du Rhum Spa in Belgium – October 14
  • IBWSS in London, England – November 15-16
  • WBWE in Amsterdam, the Netherlands – November 20-21
  • Food Ingredients in Frankfurt, Germany – November 28-30
  • ProWein in Dusseldorf, Germany – March 10-12, 2024


Sasma upcoming trade fairs

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