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Updated at: 28 May 2024

We are thrilled to share our first quarter updates with you as we have been busy since the start of the new year. In this newsletter, we would like to share market insights for freight, solutions for the tight whisky and bourbon markets, new products that we are offering, and several company updates.

Whether you are a current customer, a potential customer, or simply someone who is interested in learning more about what we do, we appreciate your interest in our company.

Freight Updates

The cost of freight transportation is currently declining and showing a significant easing trend. However, this has led to a reduction in the occupancy rate of vessels, which may prompt major shipping companies to decommission some boats. This, in turn, could lead to an increase in freight prices. The good news is that more new container ships are being introduced, which will increase the shipping capacity and have a positive impact on freight rates in the short term. It is uncertain how this will play out in the long run. We are confident that the ease in freight rates will remain for the foreseeable future.

Tight Whisky and Bourbon Markets

Currently, there is a scarcity of bulk whiskies in the market, including both older and younger varieties, specifically malt and grain whisky. Why? Distilleries are holding onto their stock in anticipation of a potential deal between the UK and India, which could result in lower import duties and a depletion of whisky inventory. India has recently become the largest whisky-drinking country in the world.

Additionally, the supply of bourbon wood has been scarce for the past 3 years, a lingering effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. This problem has resulted in high demand, limited supply and prices doubling in the last 2 quarters.

Tight Whisky and Bourbon Markets


Sasma Has Solutions!

To address these issues, we have alternative single malt whisky options available from distilleries throughout Europe.

While Kentucky is typically associated with bourbon production, bourbon can be distilled in any state in the US, we also have alternatives to Kentucky bourbon available.

Reach out to us to learn more about our available options that include:

  • Straight Bourbon
  • 6 month old accelerated Bourbon
  • Malt Whisky options

New products

We are pleased to share our newly added products to our portfolio.

Agave spirit

Inquire with our sales team to learn more

Sasma's Charity and New Partnership for 2023

We have made our annual charitable donation to Water for Life, a Dutch organization dedicated to providing clean water access in low-income countries.

At Sasma, we recognize the importance of, and access to, water for the well-being of the communities it serves. Water for Life holds a special significance to our team, as we have seen firsthand the impact that the lack of clean water can have on people's lives. Clean water is essential and we are proud to support this organization is providing clean water to local communities.

Sasma's Charity and New Partnership for 2023

Sasma is going GREEN!

Sasma and WoodYouCare have joined forces to create a positive impact.

Sasma has implemented a tree-planting initiative with every order, which in turn will increase biodiversity, reduce CO2 emissions, and promote climate neutrality. By ordering with us at Sasma, you have the opportunity to effortlessly contribute to a climate-positive outcome by participating in our tree-planting program within the Sasma forest. At Sasma our mission is to be industry leaders in our field in reducing our carbon footprint. Ask our team about how you can contribute when you work with us. LEARN MORE

Sasma continues to support the war in Ukraine

We recently donated hospital beds to the Ukraine. Using our global network, we worked together with the Ukranian Embassy in Spain to provide and transport a container load of hospital beds.

Sasma Ukranian support

Trade Fairs

We are pleased to share that our team will be visiting several trade fairs and conferences this year. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months. As always, please reach out to our sales team to make an appointment to meet with us.

  • March 19-21: ProWein Düsseldorf, Germany – Sasma was an exhibitor
  • May 27-30: Cosmetista expo in Casablanca, Morocco
  • May 22-26: Dropet in Marbella, Spain
  • July 3-4: Imbibe Live in Olympia, London
  • October 9: Salon du Rhum Berlin, Germany
  • October 14: Salon du Rhum Spa, Belgium
  • November 15-16: IBWSS London, England – Sasma will be an Exhibitor


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